Captain Scott Smith C-36

Scott has been with the department since 1985 and stepped down as Chief in November of 2015 to Asst. Chief after serving 5 years as Chief and stepped down as Asst. Chief to Captain in 2024.

Station 10 Officers

Asst. Chief & EMS Captain Shayne Hamilton C-36

Shayne joined the department in 2010 and was promoted to Captain in March 2022 and Asst Chief & EMS Captain in 2024.

Chief/ K-9 Handler Dave McCoy C-32

Dave has been with the department since 1979 and in November 2015 he moved from his position as Asst. Chief to Fire Chief.

Firefighter Robert Brooks

Firefighter/ EMT Robbie Hill

K-9 Solace

K-9 Solace is our department's

1st Search and Rescue dog and was nationally certified in March of 2024.  

Station 10 Firefighters/ EMS

Jr. Firefighter Mackenzie Palmer

Probationary Firefighter Wesley Baxter

1st Lieutenant/ EMT Andrew

Stephens L-32

Andrew was appointed to Lieutenant in

March 2022. 

3rd Lieutenant Jacob Roush L-36

Jacob joined the department in 2022 and was appointed to Lieutenant in April 2024.

Firefighter Bruce Palmer

Firefighter Erin Roush

Firefighter/ EMT Brittany Riddle

Firefighter/ EMT Shelbie McCoy

Firefighter Gary McCoy

Jr. Firefighter Casey Eller

Firefighter Jason Bahen

Calcutta Fire & Rescue
EMERGENCY # Calcutta

Firefighter/ EMT Lauren Stephens

Firefighter Alvin "JR" Palmer

2nd Lieutenant Randy Schneider L-34

Randy joined the department in 2009 and

was appointed to Lieutenant in March 2022.

Paramedic Karl Griggs

Probationary Firefighter Sam Headley

Firefighter Mike